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Canning Perennials offers over 1,500 varieties of hardy perennials, including ornamental grasses, Hosta, daylilies, clematis, and groundcovers . We also carry a large selection of vines, unusual shrubs and water plants. Plants can be ordered on-line for pick-up at our nursery in Paris, Ontario or for delivery right to your door anywhere in Canada. We sell huge, fully leafed out, well rooted plants that will make an impact in your garden as soon as you plant them. We do not sell dried up roots in bags of peat moss. Our plants are gorgeous! 2018 will be our 26th season selling perennials. Please read 'About Canning Perennials' to find out more.


Many thanks to all our loyal gardeners. We wish you all the best for the Christmas season and for the upcoming new year. See you in Feb 2018.

Please email me if you would like a gift certificate. Sign-up for our Newsletter to receive plant information, offers, and important updates.

These are some images of the size of plants we shipped last spring. Our plants are huge and garden ready!

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