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Clematis 'Mary Claire'

Clematis 'Mary Claire'

Zone 3

Reblooming Clematis producing masses of large, semi-double, white flowers in the late spring and again late summer. Compact vine growing only 1-2 metre. Perfect for smaller gardens or containers.

Prune in early spring: remove all dead and weak stems; on healthy stems, prune weak tips back to plump green buds. If plants are pruned after first flush of flower, they will have better branching, but the second flush of flowers will be lost. HEIGHT: 1-2 m SPREAD: 1-2 m

Please see 'General Information' for more details on the Clematis.

Image courtesy of NVK HOLDINGS

Grown in: 1 gallon container


Price: (1 to 2) $25.00

Price: (3 or more ) $24.00

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