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Euphorbia polychroma

Euphorbia polychroma

Cushion Spurge

Zone 2 - 9

Older variety but still very popular. When the Cushion Spurge begins to bloom in our gardens almost every visitor needs to have at least one. This is a wonderful ornamental. It forms a perfect mound of pale green foliage that bursts into chartreuse in mid-spring. When in bloom it looks like there is a light shining from within the plant -- it just glows. This glorious flowering display is eventually replaced with attractive seed heads and in the fall with great red foliage. Cushion Spurge is a three season ornamental easily grown in a sunny location with ordinary garden soil. Extremely drought tolerant and does not mind lean soil conditions and blistering heat. Tough, long-lived, low maintenance, disease and pest free and very hardy. What more could you ask from a perennial? HEIGHT: 30-45 cm SPREAD: 45-60 cm

1 gallon container size


Image Courtesy of NVK Holdings

Price: (1 to 2) $15.95

Price: (3 or more ) $14.95

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