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Gaillardia grandiflora 'Goblin'

Gaillardia grandiflora 'Goblin'

Blanket Flower

Zone 3 - 9

Old-fashioned favourite that will brighten your garden all summer. Produces masses of brillaint, maroon red, daisy-like flowers with yellow tips from June to October. Dwarf, neat, mounding form. Heat and drought tolerant. Loved by butterflies. Good cut flower. One of the hardiest Gaillardia.

Prefers average to dry well-drained soils in full sun. Too much shade will cause gallardias to grow leggy and flop over. Although a little moisture is preferred, they are quite drought and heat tolerant. Does not tolerate heavy clay-based soils. Dead-heading will improve overall appearance and extend bloomtime. HEIGHT: 25-30 cm SPREAD: 30-40 cm

Image Courtesy of NVK Holdings

1 gallon size


Price: (1 to 2) $15.95

Price: (3 or more ) $14.95

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