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Goji Berry - Firecracker

Goji Berry - Firecracker

Lycium barbarum

Zone 4

Native to China the Goji Berry has long been used for treatment of many health problems. Goji berries are very versatile -- they can be eaten raw, cooked, dried like raisins and used in teas, juices and wine. Large bright red fruit is highly ornamental and is produced continually from mid-summer to mid-fall. In early summer the large shrub produces small, bright purple flowers which are quite fragrant. This is an easy to grow shrub in full to partial sun in most any well-drained soil. It can be trimmed and staked or allowed to sprawl. HEIGHT: 150-175 cm SPREAD: 200-250 cm

NOTE: Fruiting shrubs are an easy addition to your perennial border or can be grown in containers.

Image courtesy of Proven Winners

Grown in a 2 gallon container


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Price: (3 or more ) $33.95

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