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Heucherella 'Cracked Ice'

Heucherella 'Cracked Ice'

Foamy Bells

Zone 4 - 9

Wow!! This fabulous new introduction from Terra Nova is a colour breakthrough. In the summer the deeply cut, ruffled foliage is blue-green accented with dramatic darker veins. In spring and fall the leaves are flushed with a silvery-pink overlay. If that isn't enough the undersides are violet-purple. Long flowering with great contrasting white flower spikes from June to September. Best grown in full to parital shade in well-drained soil. More tolerant of heat and humidity than other members of the family. HEIGHT: 15-20 cm SPREAD: 35-40 cm

Heucherella are the interesting hybrids created by mating Heuchera and Tiarella. They are beautiful woodland subjects. Great container plant.

Image courtesy of Terra Nova

New 18 cm pan size


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