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Iris louisiana 'Bold Pretender'

Iris louisiana 'Bold Pretender'

Louisiana Iris

Zone 4 (may be hardier)

Louisiana Iris are native to North America and hardy in many regions of Canada. This is definitely a bold plant! It has absolutely huge blooms which are up to 15 cm across. Vivid colour! Bright red and pink petals accented with a yellow and orange signal. It thrives in wet areas and well watered gardens. A perfect choice for a bog garden or that low spot that just won't dry up. Excellent upright form. Flowers from early to mid-summer. Prefers a sunny location. Don't plant too deep. Root should be about 2-3 cm below the soil line. Deer and rabbit resistant. HEIGHT: 70-80 cm SPREAD: 60-90 cm

1 gallon container size


Image courtesy of Darwin Plants

Price: (1 to 2) $16.95

Price: (3 or more ) $15.95

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