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Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Fire'

Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Fire'

Prairie Fire Switch Grass

Zone 4

A spectacular new Switch Grass with sturdy, upright, blue-green stems and wine-red leaves. In the spring the foliage is blue-green but by early summer the leaves begin to turn a stunning shade of deep red. In late summer it produces clouds of diffuse rosy-pink flowerheads. When in bloom the leaves curl slightly giving the impression of red ribbons twining through the flowers. Lovely!! Best grown in full sun. Tolerant of most soil conditions. Drought tolerant once established. HEIGHT: 125-150 cm SPREAD: 70-80 cm

1 gallon container


Image courtesy of NVK Holdings

Price: (1 to 2) $17.95

Price: (3 or more ) $16.95

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