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Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park'

Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park'

Woodland Stonecrop

Zone 3

This hardy, creeping Sedum is much more shade tolerant than other forms. It has small, fleshy, rounded, succulent-like, bright-green leaves which appear in whorls of three. Set with sprays of white, star-shaped flowers from mid-May to late June. Spreads by creeping stems which root at each node. Easy to grow in sun to part shade in well-drained soil. Drought and heat tolerant once established. HEIGHT: 10-12 cm SPREAD: 40-60 cm

9 cm container size

Image courtesy of NVK Holdings


Price: (1 to 2) $6.95

Price: (3 to 9 ) $6.49

Price: (10 or more ) $5.95

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