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Viburnum dilatatum 'Tandoori Orange'

Viburnum dilatatum 'Tandoori Orange'

Tandoori Orange Linden Viburnum

Zone 5

A Proven Winners ColorChoice shrub that will bring multi-season colour and ornamentaton to your garden. Tall, upright shrub sports masses of large white flower clusters in the spring. Followed by amazing, brilliant orange berries in the fall. Deeply corrugated green foliage displays beautiful orange-red colour in the fall. Easily grown in full sun to partial shade in well drained soil. Prune soon after flowering. Upright and well-branched. Deer resistant. Cardinal Candy will produce berries without a pollinator, however planting Tandoori Orange close by will result in abundant fruit on both. Berries are loved by birds. HEIGHT: 175-200 cm SPREAD: 175-250 cm

2 gallon container size

Image Courtesy of Proven Winners


Price: (1 to 2) $42.95

Price: (3 or more ) $41.95

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