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Wisteria floribunda 'Lawrence'

Wisteria floribunda 'Lawrence'

Japanese Wisteria

Zone 4 - 9

This vigorous, twining vine produces large cascading clusters of pale blue pea-like, fragrant flowers in June and July. Mid-green, pinnate leaf, each with 13-19 leaflets. Blooms are followed by poisonous, bean-like seed pods in September and October. HEIGHT: 8-10 meters; SPREAD: 3-4 m

Wisterias prefer average to moist, well-drained soil in full sun. Pruning should be done in early spring when flower buds are swollen. These should be left but the remaining branches can be trimmed to desired length. In the summer months, continual pruning of the new shoots should be done to maintain a tidy size. Wisterias need a very sturdy support structure to grow on because of its vigorous growth habit.

1 gallon container size

Image Courtesy of NVK Holdings.


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